Rock Star Designer Mentorship Program

ROCK-STAR Designer 6-month Mentorship Program

  • Do you have a great product idea and looking to build it to the next level?
  • Are you looking to partner with a retail veteran to direct you to the right path?

This is the FULL enchilada for the rock-star designer! As your personal retail mentor, I will help you step-by-step to gather the right mix of ingredients to make your product retail-ready. In this private one-on-one mentorship program you will learn everything there is to know about selling your product to retail stores and will develop a strategy that takes you from the beginning to the end of the product cycle. 


  • Ten 60-minute private one-on-one phone strategy sessions
  • One VIP in-person full-day strategy session with me
  • Assignments in between sessions and accountability check-ins
  • Unlimited email support for the inevitable questions that will come up during the six-month program

After receiving your completed questionnaire, I will formulate a customized retail strategy to move your business to the next level by showing you how to:
  • Analyze your pricing strategy
  • Create a stellar buyer’s packet and effectively approach buyers
  • Analyze your website (in more detail) to ensure the proper components are in place to drive sales (both wholesale and direct to consumer)
  • Use the  80/20 rule to develop your “meatball” strategy for managing your stock and creating cash flow
  • Access the competition and uncover voids in the market
  • Analyze your current selling and maximize opportunities
  • Create a strong specialty store/department store matrix strategy
  • Find the right sales rep
  • Develop a liquidation strategy that will help enhance your brand
  • Market on a budget and create the buzz you need to attract retail buyers
  • Scout out potential retailers and partners that could be a right match for your business

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You have a product in place but don’t how to approach retail stores
  • You have a product that you don’t know how to price for profit
  • You want to create a buzz that will get gain attention from retail buyers
  • You want to know how to take your current selling information and quadruple your sales with your existing customers.

This program is not perfect if you:

  • You are not ready to make any changes
  • You are not open to put yourself out there
  • You can’t invest time and money in playing BIG for your business.

Using my network of contacts, I’ll connect you to must-have resources and teach you all the tips you need to know to create a desirable brand and understand what retail buyers are looking for. We will find win-win partnerships that are right for YOUR business.

For the Rock-Star Designer Mentorship Program, there is no “buy now” button.  Please email to schedule a 15-minute get-acquainted call. I want to make to learn more about your business and make sure that we can take decisive action with the program that is right for you!