meet eli

eliScreen shot 2014-01-22 at 5.39.45 PMI can’t remember a time I didn’t love retail. Even as a little girl, I would go door to door selling cupcakes and handmade greeting cards to my neighbors. As I got older, my passion for creativity and selling strengthened. When I got accepted to FIT, I knew it was it was time to pack up my bags and move to New York City. I wanted to gain a better understanding of the industry, while also getting hands on experience within the retail field. And, I was lucky enough to find both.

While earning my degree in fashion merchandising management, I began working at the lovely East Village boutique, Pink Olive. It was there I discovered my admiration for the handmade marketplace and creative finds. As a maker myself, I developed a keen awareness of what is happening “now” within the creative world, and this awareness, combined with my six year’s experience as a store manager and buyer at Pink Olive, has given me the knowledge and resources to make a difference. With great attention to detail and a strong motivation for success, I have been able to help numerous indie designers and provide consistent, honest feedback to create a sustainable business.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to watch a quality brand grow, and I hope I can continue to help many more designers create the business they always dreamed of!

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Elisabet customized my business plan for the win! She provided in-depth coaching on retail + wholesale price points, packaging, and line sheets.

One key area Elisabet developed for BoxBerry was it’s seasonal buying calendar. Planning ahead is key for the success of greeting cards. For example, during Halloween, some buyers may be preparing for Valentine’s Day. It is easy to miss the boat on orders if you aren’t on top of your business calendar. She knows the buying schedule as well as customer shopping habits – it’s not always what you’d assume. Talking with Elisabet is like talking with the buyer, which is a good skill for any business owner to master.

 As a result of working with Elisabet, I’ve become much more aware of what a wholesale buyer looks for in a line sheet. This past quarter, BoxBerry has been able to develop more relationships and add new retail partners.

Owner, Creative Director