What is Pink Olive School?
Pink Olive School (a.k.a Retail Recipes) was born out of my passion for RETAIL and doing what you love and making it into a business. I spent 10 years in the retail industry as a successful buyer for Bloomingdale’s, Saks and Barney’s before launching my own retail operation in NYC called Pink Olive and OliveBox. I love working with indie designers in creating the perfect recipe for retail success. Being part of Pink Olive School and Retail Recipes is like having a retail veteran on your team.  Your time is valuable. There is no need to play the guessing game!

I want to work with you but I don’t know which option is best for me?
Most designers are in different stages of their business and looking for a retail mentor to help bring their business to the next level. “You can’t change what you don’t know.”  If you are looking for a retail mentor and need one-on-one guidance and direction, you are in the right place. You can schedule a 15-minute get-acquainted call and I will help you determine if my private coaching program is right for you!

Who do you work with?
I mainly work with creative entrepreneurs and product designers in the following industries:

  • baby
  • paper goods
  • gift
  • home & lifestyle
  • accessories & jewelry

What type of people do you work best with?
I work well with people who are:

  • passionate
  • creative
  • not afraid to take risks
  • ready to think BIG
  • strong desire to learn
  • committed to investing in themselves

How do you work with your clients?
All of my private coaching sessions are done via SKYPE except for VIP Retail Coaching Day with Grace (which is a full-day in-person session). Since I also run a retail operation, I have limited availability and can only work clients who are ready to take next steps.  My business hours are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 10AM – 5PM EST. I am a strong believer of balancing work and play, so I do not work on with clients on weekends. Please email my team at hello@pinkoliveschool.com if you have a specific scheduling question.

I want to work with you but can’t afford your programs.  What other options do I have?
I understand that everyone has different budgets and priorities. For now, you can enjoy my FREE checklist of 10 things you MUST do before approaching a retail buyer. When you sign up to download the checklist, you will also begin to receive my weekly email newsletter that is filled with NEW ways to make your product retail-ready! Read them. Implement them. And when you are ready, I will be here to help.

How can a Retail Mentor help me?
Having a retail mentor will give you the confidence that you need to move forward to the next level. As a creative, you probably tend to focus on our craft rather than your business. You need guidance from someone who truly understands not only the creative mindset but also the retail end of running a successful business. With your creative genius and my retail knowledge, we can skyrocket your business to new heights!

Here are few of the results you can expect from working with me:

  • lay the fundamental groundwork for running your business using my contacts and referrals (thus saving you time and money)
  • create a stellar linesheet that will knock the socks off any retail buyer
  • pitch to retail buyers with ease
  • price your products so they will make you money
  • find showroom reps and retail partnerships that are win-win
  • put together a strong merchandise assortment using my “meatball strategy”
  • discover hidden opportunities to make you more money with your business
  • create a website that will make you money 24/7
  • build a desirable brand that will have stores and media coming after YOU

Click here to read some testimonials from previous clients.

Great!  I’m ready to work with you.  Where do I start?
I can’t wait to “meet” you and learn more about your business! Please email my team and tell us which program you would like to get started with and let’s start rockin’! Sometimes there is a waiting list, so be sure to check with us about the next available dates. Here’s to your retail success!! xoxo