are you ready to meet?

Hey there!

So now that you’ve made your beautiful, user-friendly website and have surely grabbed the attention of your dream retailer, what’s next? Most likely, the buyer will ask to see some samples in person. The crucial part of this is step is to WOW them with your gorgeous branding, packaging and product selection!

If you are meeting them in person, it’s important to bring the following pertinent pieces of information with you. These include:
–       linesheet
–       catalog
–       samples
–       your most winning smile :)

The buyer will most likely have a list questions so you should be prepared to discuss your:
–       turnaround delivery
–       terms
–       best sellers
–       press
–       other stockists
–       any specials
–       exclusivity

An important thing to remember is that they are already interested; they wouldn’t be wasting their time just to humor you. Your products, packaging and website have already made an impression, but now is the time to let your confidence stand out and seal the deal! Don’t get nervous. At the end of the day they want to get to know YOU! Just be yourself and let your passion and personality shine!

Good luck!

And the winner is…..
Last week, I wrote about the #1 thing you should do before pitching to retail stores. Thanks for all your comments and tweets. The winner is Dana from patternedpeacock.com. Please email hello@retailrecipes.com to schedule your free website critique with me!

Here’s to taking next steps!


Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor

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