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Are you getting pinned?

Most people know Pinterest (I first talked about it here) as a wonderful form of procrastination, or just a fun inspirational and organizational tool.  What most people don’t know, however, is that it can also be used for many product-based businesses! While pinning your products alone won’t get you far (savvy pinners can sniff-out pure self-promotion with one whiff), creating a compilation of favorite items, mood boards, and other inspirational items alongside your own products can bring in some serious business.

The ratio I like to stick by is 1:9. For every product of your own that you pin, you have to pin 9 other things that inspire you :). This way your product becomes a part of your whole story, not just self-promotion.

When used properly, Pinterest is a wonderful tool for sharing inspirations and finds – by both pinning your own and getting re-pinned by all of your followers. It’s also a great way to test what will be popular and what people are saying about each item (check out htt://pinterest.com/source/insert your domainname.com here”) Here is an example: http://pinterest.com/source/pinkolive.com/


Which images are getting the best reaction from your followers? What are some of your favorite recent pins? For some inspirations, you can check out some of Pink Olive’s favorite Pinterest Picks here every Friday :)

Happy pinning!


Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor

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“Being a new designer and start up entrepreneur, I was seeking advice, mentorship and consulting from an expert in the retail world. I found what I was looking for with Grace Kang of Retail Recipes. With her years of experience as a retail buyer as well being an entrepreneur herself, she was able to provide me with specific guidance on areas such as pricing my products/service for profit, guidance on transitioning to an e-commerce site, fine tuning my social media strategy, web-site design, creating line sheets and how to approach buyers. Each session I had with Grace left me feeling motivated and inspired to “get to work” so that I would reach my goal! Her industry knowledge and expertise has helped me tremendously to fine tune my business aspirations, my vision and the overall direction I’m heading in.”

Rekha Krishnamurthi
Creative Director, Divine NY & Co.

Rekha is massively getting out there and sharing her vision with the world. She recently attend Oprah’s Lifeclass and Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers 2012 Event. She also won the category of Best Style/Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year at the Stiletto Women in Business Awards in Atlanta, GA last month. Congrats Rekha! :)



My latest addiction… ;)

i love pinterest

Hey there!

Have you ever been so darn inspired you could burst?

So my newest addiction is pinterest.com.  Have you heard about it yet?
It’s a digital pin-board site that lets you virtually “pin” photos of anything and everything onto boards you’ve created and organized. Your friends and faithful followers can then re-pin your favorite items to their own pin boards and suddenly whatever you’ve posted has spread!

As a visual person, and a creative type, this site is dangerous! :) However, we can also use it to our advantage… not only to inspire but also to promote our product-based businesses as well.

Here’s how:

This site is now on the rise and has already attracted 11 million visitors. It’s most popular with females and fashion, arts, and craft enthusiasts between ages 25-44. If that fits one of your target customer mix, you’re in for a treat!

  1. If you have gorgeous photographs that you want to share with this community, upload your pin and add it to one of your boards. It’s a very visual site so make sure your photos do the product justice!
  2. Write $___ in the description and you will see a price mark on the upper left hand corner.
  3. You can also put in a direct link where people can buy from your website. Here is an example.

One small word of caution on putting $ tags. If you have 10 pins on your dashboard and all 10 have price-tags on it, it doesn’t look good. Try to limit to 10% of your total pins if possible. After all, this is a great tool to show people what’s “inside” your head as the founder & owner of your business. If people feel connected to you, they will eventually buy from you. Have fun… but don’t blame me if you only get 2 hours of sleep ;)

Let’s follow each other and start pinning! I would love to see your inspirations.
Here is mine:

If you want to be invited, please email my team at hello@retailrecipes.com and we will send you an invite.

Happy pinning!


Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor