Small businesses need a BIG break!

Hey there!

Last week, I shared my thoughts on how you can have it all but you can’t do it all. You are only one person and can’t be in every place at once, and the minute you try to balance them all, a few are bound to fall. What makes a business owner successful is knowing how to delegate and reach out for help or advice. People always equate running a new or small business with raising a child, and the old adage “it takes a village to raise a child” works well with businesses too. With the right assortment of team members to turn to, for support, advice, encouragement, or inspiration, you can accomplish incredible things.

One such incredibly accomplished business owner is Michael Berl of Kyotofu. As a member of the Retail Recipes community, I have gotten to know Michael and his unique approach to food – tofu to be more exact. “Inspired by Kyoto tofu artisans, Kyotofu takes the soybean to the next level.” From dinner dishes to luscious desserts, Kyotofu infuses tofu into every aspect of its menu. Their motto: “changing the world, one soybean at a time” says a lot about Michael’s passion and intensity. Always one to find ways to grow and improve he sought out further advice, which brought him to retailrecipes.com.

He has expressed his thanks by telling me that “Retail Recipes has been a priceless asset in growing my business, providing expert insight and tips for marketing, social media, sales and management.” I can confidently say that the feeling is mutual. I have valued learning alongside him, expanding my own knowledge of the food industry, collaborations and the various ways one can approach and run a small business.

Michael has recently been selected as an “Amex Big Break for Small Businesses” contest finalist. I am so excited to support him and encourage you all to vote for Kyotofu. With his incredible talent, ability to stay malleable while sticking to his unique vision, and strong network of support I have no doubt that he will find lasting success.

Are you putting yourself out there? What would you do if you won this Big Break? I would love to hear from you!