it’s good to get critiqued!


Hey there ,

Are you a perfectionist? Being a perfectionist myself, I was not always so great at receiving criticism. I used to hold myself up to impossibly high standards and would get very upset if I didn’t feel that I had achieved them. I used to take criticism and advice personally, as though the person was telling me I was a screw-up, no matter how constructive the criticism may have been. Maybe you can relate? :)

Today I thrive off of feedback. I am constantly asking those around me how I might improve my craft and think outside the box. After all, life is all about learning something new each day. When you are in the mindset of of appreciation, you start to view critiques as an opportunity to achieve higher levels of success. It shows that you are open to new ideas and new way of handling all that life throws as you. I began to see that taking on feedback with open arms allowed me to create a better version of myself.  People give advice because they can see ways of doing things that may never have occurred to you. Someone who I admire once said, “You can’t see the picture if you’re the frame.”

If you receive a critique from someone, first think about where it’s coming from. Is it someone you respect or admire? Is it someone who knows the field that you’re in? Is their advice in line with your vision? Your creations are uniquely yours because they are exactly that, yours. As uncomfortable as it can be to be told you can improve what you love, it’s important to pull yourself out of the mix in order to grow your brand. It only takes that one great idea or advice to propel your business forward. What have you got to lose?

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Here’s to giving & getting!


Grace Kang
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