#neverstoplearning: getting unstuck

Image via Pink Olive

Happy Friday!

Do you feel stuck? We’ve all been there. Feeling uninspired or just simply tired can be disheartening and leave you questioning — everything! As entrepreneurs, you’re bound to go through ups and downs no matter what stage you are in your business. I find that the single most effective way to get over those hurdles is to remember (and be clear) about why you started in the first place.

When I was five years old, my dad gave me the perfect gift — a strawberry-shaped bag! The feeling of opening up that beautifully wrapped gift and discovering the whimsical and fun gift inside is still so clear to me. That feeling, a feeling of gratitude and love, is the reason I opened up Pink Olive. I learned from my dad that giving a thoughtful gift can make others smile and make them feel immensely loved. I wanted to create a world that provided others with the opportunity to experience this feeling … everyday!

Whenever I’m feeling stuck I remind myself of this mission — to inspire giving and beautiful living. I encourage you to do the same. Be firm in your mission, and remind yourself daily of why you are doing what you are doing! And remember, when you feel loved, anything is possible!



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