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Hey there!

Time and time again you will hear that one of the most integral aspects to success is staying organized. But, what exactly does that mean? People’s definitions of organization can vary dramatically (we’ve all met that person who thrives on “organized chaos”). What I’ve discovered is that any good entrepreneur is not just organized but has developed a “system.”

By definition, a system is a set of procedures according to which something is done; an organized method. Translation: how do you plan for your business to operate effectively? What procedures do you put into place for your employees? How will you as an individual stay organized? Developing a system is the single most important component in not only staying organized, but managing people!

I’ve found that the best way to start developing this system is to pinpoint what you do personally to get things done. Whenever you find yourself doing something over and over again, write it down. This will help you organize your method in getting things done and lay the groundwork for your business. Ultimately, you want to get in the habit of taking everything out of your head and putting it down on paper. That way, your company can operate without you one day!

Let me break it down for you.

Here are the 5 key components to creating any system:

  1. Create an employee manual. Your employees can reference this for basic logistical information, as well as business policies. This minimizes the number of emails you have to field from employees, as well as easing their anxiety about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of the business.
  2. Share files. Think about how people on your team share information with each other. Keeping important files organized will save you time and money down the road and help you make better decisions. Try utilizing DropBox or Google Documents.
  3. Develop communication tool. Similar to having a designated shared file system, communication amongst team members is KEY to running a successful business. I recommend using Wunderlist or Basecamp.
  4. Utilize a shared calendar. If an event or project is not scheduled, it’s not real. Schedule your meetings, events, launches, shows, etc all on one calendar so that you what you have to do every single month. Google Calendar is my lifeline!
  5. Invest in a sales tracking system. You can’t grow what you don’t track. Make sure you have a system for tracking your sales. If you have an online store, it will most likely come with a selling report feature. If you have multiple platforms, it’s good to consolidate everything into QuickBooks so that you can see the big picture. I recommend looking into QuickBooks, BlinkSale or PayPal.

These core areas will help you begin to think about how to bring structure into your business. Think about it: just like building a house, you need to set up a solid foundation for future success. I encourage you to take some time today to reflect on some of the procedures, and then let me know which one you’re going to incorporate into your business this week.

Here’s to building a business you love!


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