#neverstoplearning tip: set intentions for 2017


Happy New Year!

2017 is here, and so is your opportunity to set intentions for the year. What are yours?

A new year can usher in a fresh perspective that is both invigorating and enlightening, but often it can be just plain overwhelming. Where do you begin?

Maybe you want to accomplish something professionally like increasing your social media presence or creating one new design per week. Or, maybe you are seeking personal growth. Reading 20 minutes a day to instill that lifelong learner mentality or writing more letters to loved ones to stay connected. Accomplishing small tangible goals can feel empowering.

What I’ve learned, though, is that sometimes the best intentions are simply determining what you truly believe in. For example, I believe I was put here on earth to spread love through finding beautiful gifts that make people smile. love. gift. smile is my tagline and the premise for essentially everything I do for Pink Olive and OliveBox. When your intention becomes something you believe in, everything you do funnels toward that intention — both personally and professionally.

I encourage you to reflect on what you truly believe in this week and join me over on  Instagram: what are your intentions this year?



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