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#neverstoplearning tip: have fun + boxing day special!


Happy Boxing Day!

Sometimes the day to day routine of owning your own business keeps you from remembering the most important part: to have fun! That’s why this week’s #neverstoplearning challenge urges you to relish in both the big and small successes.

It’s easy to remember to celebrate the big successes: an anniversary of a store opening or your first huge order. And, while those are significant milestones not to be ignored, I’ve learned that celebrating the little things is what ultimately reminds me of why I started my business, and more notably makes my job fun!

Whether it’s treating yourself to a delicious donut to recognize a productive meeting, or a quick note to congratulate an employee on a stellar sales day, these are the little ways I like to celebrate our sweetest victories. And you know what else? I like to treat myself to the gift to learning. 

As product entrepreneurs, we are all so passionate about the products we sell. I know how challenging it can be to know how to sell to retail stores and create a brand your customers will love. So today on Boxing Day, I want to you to enjoy the savings and enjoy the Retail Recipes WorkBook + DIY Kit for only $97. Used code: boxingday150. But don’t take it from me, here’s what one of our clients had to say:
“The retail recipes e-workbook is a must read for any creative enterprise. As someone who can spend hours drawing and sewing, I realized that spending time on the business side is just as important, especially when approaching buyers and clients. Grace’s book and critique has taught me so much about creating a cohesive brand and vision. I read a new chapter and it gives me a new goal to work towards.” – Christiana, New York.


Happy learning and have fun!



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Who inspires you + Important question for the busy entrepreneur! :)


Happy Monday!

When it comes to owning your own business, it’s important to find individuals that help instill confidence in you yet also challenge you to think beyond your comfort zone. The intersection between the two is often where the biggest growth occurs, both personally and professionally. For me, I am most inspired professionally by people who strive to be one step ahead of “the game.” Several years ago I went to a Tory Burch Foundation meeting and finally had the opportunity to meet Millard Drexler, CEO of J. Crew. If you recall from this previous post, I wrote a children’s book about him in lieu of the traditional college essay when he was CEO of Gap Inc. When I finally met Millard at the meeting, I heard him speak passionately about “following your instincts and remaining true to your vision.” He noted that in his career taking risks without fear of making mistakes was the biggest avenue to his success within the industry. To me, he is a leading example of people who always remain one step ahead of “the game.”

Hearing Millard speak instilled a sense of confidence in me about following my own passions, yet he challenged me to think “bigger.” We all need those people in our lives. 

My father was one of the first people to do that for me, it’s a story that fully encapsulates my mission. Through my father’s actions, he taught me the power of giving and the impact it can have on someone you love. When we feel loved, we can do anything. The confidence my father instilled in me many years ago still resonates today. His encouragement continues to fuel me, inspiring me to think “bigger,” like opening my 5th store in the beautiful Hudson Valley this Spring :)

Here’s to creating a business you love.




P.S. Are you in need of a #pogetaway? As an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness and get burnt out. When we take a break from the daily grind of our lives, we can find clarity and direction, both essential to fueling a successful business. This January, I am hosting a one-day business + lifestyle retreat for product-based designers in the charming village of Cold Spring, New York. Spend the day with me, get my advice and strategy to help grow your business and get re-inspired for the new year ahead! If you are interested in joining us, please email us at

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