#neverstoplearning tip: find what keeps you balanced


This quote is a fantastic reminder to find balance in your career

Happy Friday!

Being your own boss and building your own business is equally liberating, as it is challenging. It is not uncommon for sleep to become an afterthought, for inboxes to always be full, and for the work week and the weekend to blur into one. Being tired and overwhelmed is a feeling far too familiar for many of us entrepreneurs. That’s why this week’s #neverstoplearning tip is crucial to sustaining success (and sanity!): find what keeps you balanced.

Many people often ask me how I find balance in my life, whether it’s between managing several different businesses or finding time for myself outside of the world I built within Pink Olive. For me, it’s keeping in touch with three key things: passion, unique ability and faith.

When you find your passion and are truly doing what you love, work doesn’t seem like work anymore. Yes, it may sound cliche; however, I believe there is power in living in gratitude. When you are doing something that brings you joy, you no longer have to resent work. You can live in appreciation for what you get to wake up and do every morning.

Finding your passion leads you to discovering your unique ability, and this often becomes the heart of your business. When you are in your zone of unique ability, you can happily do your job all day, every day. Plus, we often continue to discover new and amazing things about ourselves. Almost a decade later, I still am discovering new ways to utilize my unique ability.

Lastly, trusting in your passion and unique ability would not be possible without faith in yourself, and furthermore, faith in the unknown. When you embrace the unexpected challenges and obstacles that come your way, these roadblocks motivate you to propel forward.

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