#neverstoplearning tip: find and grow your support team


I love that this quote speaks to the strength of a team.

Happy Friday!

As creative entrepreneurs, we can’t do it alone. Just as the saying goes “two heads are better than one.” We all need the support from others to make things work. Some days we need people to bounce our ideas off of. Other days we need to seek out help from a strategist to get things in order. For those of us with brick-and-mortar shops, we need store managers, selling specialists, merchandisers and buyers. Regardless of our individual needs, the people we choose to surround ourselves with inside our little communities must be trustworthy, and furthermore share our creative visions. This week’s #neverstoplearning challenge centers on finding and building a strong support team.

As we look forward to our 10 year mark next year, one of my main goals is to empower my team to new levels. Once you build a team you trust to execute your ideas and creative visions you are given the opportunity (and more importantly the time) to lead your company to new heights. And, an added perk? You can enjoy a day (or two!) dedicated to re-energizing and re-inspiring your spirit and purpose.

Join us in the #neverstoplearning challenge and tell us on instagram: how did you build your support team?






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