#neverstoplearning tip #3: check the numbers


Happy Monday!

In my recent interview with Marie Forleo, I shared the juicy numbers that explain why I launched OliveBox, a subscription box for paper lovers, in 2012. At our brick-and-mortar Pink Olive shops, overall business was up 43% at the time, but our stationery category had seen a staggering 70% increase. Though baby gifts had previously been our bread and butter, our customers were clearly craving pretty paper!

It seemed counter-intuitive to dig deeper into the stationery industry in our increasingly digital culture, but numbers don’t lie, so I trusted them. If I hadn’t taken a look at the data, OliveBox might never have become what it is today.

This week’s #neverstoplearning tip is to check the numbers. It’s so important to take a closer look at how your business is doing and to adjust your focus accordingly. You can’t change what you can’t see, and the data will guide you to go after the right growth opportunities.

Join us in the #neverstoplearning challenge and tell us onĀ instagram: what interesting insights can you glean this week from reviewing your biz stats?


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