#neverstoplearning tip #1: be a sponge


Happy Monday!

Now that my company is over eight years old, it might be easy to assume that I have the art of business ownership all figured out. I operate three successful brick-and-mortar boutiques in New York, in addition to a monthly subscription service for paper lovers.

Though I don’t hesitate to celebrate my moments of success, I firmly believe that there is always more room to grow. As entrepreneurs, each and every one of us is responsible for remaining constantly in “learning mode” in order to expand our skillsets and stay creative. In fact, whether you’re working for yourself or for a larger company, it’s always a good idea to maintain the mindset of an eager and excited student.

This week, we’re kicking off a new #neverstoplearning campaign to encourage you to keep pursuing your dreams on a consistent basis. With each blogpost, I’ll offer a fresh business tip with my perspective, and hope you’ll be able to integrate each idea in your daily work routine.

Tip #1 is at the heart of the #neverstoplearning mindset: be a sponge. Every new experience, exacting test, or tricky business decision offers something to be learned. Always keep an eye out for the hidden lessons, and soak in every little one. The lesson might not be pleasant — or it might even be that you’re entirely on the wrong path — but that still shows you something that you needed to know, allowing you to pivot in the proper direction.

This week, join us in our #neverstoplearning mission on social media (we’re @pinkolive on Instagram and Twitter) by showing us how you’re being a sponge. What hidden lessons are you soaking up, from experiences big or small?


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