What if …

Happy Monday!

We all wonder what it would be like “if” we could take our business to that next level. We search high and low for that big “A-ha” moment in our business and start daydreaming. Well, I hate to burst your bubble of the ever-thinking idea of, “If I made ____, my life will be perfect!” Or, “If I get that big investor, everything will be good.” Or, “If I get that order from Bloomingdale’s, my business will be set.” As much as it’s good to think BIG for your business, (trust me, I’m a big vision person too) you also need to start breaking down those BIG goals into real bite-size action plans. If you have a BIG goal, how can you make them happen?

Someone wise once told me that your BIG breakthrough is already in your business, right under your nose. Start combing through your business and look under those rocks — you would be surprised to see that your biggest opportunity has been sitting all along.

Here are a few places to start:

  • Do you have a blog interview request in your inbox that can lead to new connections and potential sales?
  • Do you need to increase your prices?
  • Does your website need a makeover but you haven’t given the green light?
  • Do you have a networking opportunity coming up that you are not sure about going?
  • Do you need an assistant but have not put up that ad on craigslist yet?
  • Is there a coach that you wanted to work with but haven’t made up your mind?
  • Is there a store around the corner that you want to approach but haven’t?
  • Is there a win-win partnership idea that has been brewing in your mind but haven’t approached them about it yet?

Who knew that YOU are the “what if” that you have been waiting for?

Make a list of 8 things that you haven’t acted on and let’s turn your plan into action.

Here’s to creating a business you love!







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