Happy Holidays! What’s your Spark?

Happy holidays-POS w heart


The holiday week is finally here. It’s that special time to fill your homes and hearts with friends, family, and everlasting memories. Cranberry and cinnamon scents linger in the air, the city is full of amazing glittering lights, and strangers smile as they walk by. Ah, it’s a wonderful time and we hope you enjoy every moment of it. Whether you’re traveling just down the street or across the country; stay warm, safe, and full of holiday cheer!


As you’re surrounded this time of year with your favorite people, inspiring ideas and dreams, it’s the perfect time to define your “spark”. Your spark is your story; your inspiring, compelling reason behind why you started your creation. The late Steve Jobs said, “Life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing.” So what do you want to share? What experiences inspired you to share your creation with others?


While spending time with those you love and contemplating your resolutions for the upcoming year, keep your spark in mind and jot down words and ideas that come to you. Defining your spark is the first step toward creating your brand and attracting your ideal stores and customers.


So tell me–what is that heart-warming, gripping tale that led you to where you are now? Leave a comment below or on Instagram.



Holiday cheers to your success!




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