Secrets to Selling

Top Secret on old typewriterDo you like selling? It’s okay if you say, “No.” Most people don’t. Here’s the secret to selling: selling is serving. The key to selling is to figure out what the end experience will feel like and speak to that point first. Most people make the mistake of talking about the features of their product (i.e. color, ingredients, dimensions, etc.) and not about the benefits or the end result using the product.

Although it’s relevant information, your customers need to feel the connection first before they can buy from you. Leading with the benefits (and for whom the product will be a good gift for), will help the customer connect to you and what you’re selling.

Think of win-win partnership ideas. I love it when I work with sales reps or designers who are not trying to sell me everything, or tell me how great everything is on their line. It helps when you can get to know your customer well and know what works, be selective with your recommendations.

When I go over my pitch letters with my private clients, I talk to them about not pitching to retailers about how the store can help them. Turn it around. The stores are your potential customers. Think about how you can help them.

You might think that’s crazy, but it can be possible. When you switch your mindset and think about how your product can enhance their store assortment and increase their sales, it’ll make them think differently about your product. Once they trust you and know you care about their business and you have their back, they will throw their OTB (open-to-buy) your way. Stores are looking for win-win partnerships too.

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Grace Kang
Founder, Pink Olive School

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