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Happy (almost) February!
It’s amazing how quickly this month is already flying by. While we are trying desperately to hold on our sweet memories from the holidays, we can’t help but think about our next steps for 2015. 
The spring season presents an opportunity to start anew, and try new things! For those of you who are looking to learn how to sell to more retail stores and grow your business this year, or take your existing wholesale business to the next level, here’s your perfect opportunity!
There’s lots of ways to sell your products in the world. But we all know that selling wholesale can open up many new doors and also bring in thousands of dollars in additional revenue. And that’s why it is SO important that you stop “wingin’ it” and really understand how to do it right.
I’ve been in retail for seventeen years, and know what it takes for products to do well at retail. I developed Retail Recipes and Pink Olive School so you would have the opportunity to get inside my head and gain the knowledge and confidence you need to grow your business. Along with my associate Eli, who has worked with me for over seven years, I have developed a special mentorship program, just for you. It’s all about creating a product-based business that works for you and not the other way around.
So, for those of you who have an existing product-based business and are determined to have better results this year (and have fun too), let me know by emailing I can’t wait to learn more about your business and see how we can work together this year.
Here’s to creating a business you love AND going someplace you’ve never been before!


Grace Kang
Founder, Pink Olive School



P.S. This program is not for everyone. If you are just starting out and want to DIY your way into Pink Olive School, please enroll here. Otherwise, please email and we’ll advise you with next steps.

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