Track and Grow in 2014!

Happy Tuesday !

Growing your business may seem like an arduous task, as it requires some serious, dedicated effort and strategy. One of the biggest business tips that continue to have a big impact on my business is to keep detailed records of everything I do for my business — sales, marketing, events, and “parking lot” of ideas.

Not only is it good practice to know your business inside and out, but also analyzing your selling report will help you see patterns and trends in your business. Keeping track of how you did last year (LY) gives you a good base of expectations for this year (TY). It will help you track growth and see when and where you’re successful, and when you could use some promotion to get more business going.

Once you have enough to begin seeing these patterns and trends, you can project and strategize using concrete data and numbers. This is where running your business can actually be FUN! You can be both creative and analytical at the same time, giving you the best shot at being successful!

Are you ready to track and grow with me in 2014?

Grace Kang
Founder, Pink Olive School

“Working with Grace has been such a tremendous blessing, both for my business and for myself as a business owner. Grace possesses an amazing combination of experience, wisdom, whip-smart strategic thinking, and ability to hone in on both the big picture and small details of a business. She’s not about theory, she’s about actionable goals, and her suggestions work. As a business owner, I have so many different things to think about, and I know that without Grace on my team, a lot more of them would have fallen through the cracks. My business has experienced major growth in its first year, and I wouldn’t be where I am without Grace’s guidance. She has been an invaluable sounding board, teacher and mentor to me this year, and I feel so much better prepared to tackle my daily business challenges knowing I can always turn to her for advice I can trust. This woman helps me sleep better at night!

–Designer & Illustrator, EMILY MCDOWELL

image by: Lehua Noelle

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