Live in Gratitude

gratitude blossoms stamp
It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks associated with finally finding success in your small business. From contacting buyers, suppliers and customers to marketing new products and ideas, to creating your actual product, there is barely enough time in the day to take a deep breath! To stay grounded, and stay successful, it is just as important to make time for living in gratitude.

Living in gratitude means appreciating each interaction, each sale, each day that goes by that you get to do what you love. It doesn’t have to be time consuming, taking five minutes every day to think about everything you’re grateful for is enough, but it’s five minutes that can change the way you do business.

When you’re grateful for every opportunity, you’re more likely to extend these opportunities to others. Appreciating your support team, including those that work for you and those who help you brainstorm new ideas, encourages further interaction and enthusiasm on everyone’s part. Being grateful for each sale means rewarding customers in some small way, which in turn inspires brand loyalty. While it should be enough to live in gratitude for the sake of being thankful and appreciating all of your good fortune, it also has the benefit of coming back in spades ;).

image by fawnsberg

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