Be a sponge! Plus, today is the last day! :)


Happy Tuesday!

Inspiration is everywhere. Inspiration for living, for creating, and for running your business. The bigger question is — are you really open to it? Look around you. Inspiration can come from an early morning walk, an interesting conversation with a stranger on the bus, attending an entrepreneur conference, or simply reading my weekly tips :)

Being open to inspiration and learning is more than just keeping your eyes open as you go through your daily routine. It’s about being a sponge and learning something new each day. The more you put yourself out there and connect with others in a deeper level, you will feel more inspired to create the life you love.

No matter what stage of life or business you are in, you have to be in constant learning mode. The minute you act like “I know everything” is when you get stuck and uninspired. You never know who you will meet and what new opportunity will present itself when you stay open. Soak up everything around you and you’re bound to find yourself having new sparks and more clarity. Every interaction you have can change your life and the way you live it each day.

I can personally speak from my experience that when I align myself with people who inspire me, my business gets better and better. Are you doing this alone or are you craving that support of an awesome community to champion you along the way? If this resonates with you and you have thought about working with me at some point, this is a great (and affordable way) to connect with me and get the support you need along other like-minded entrepreneurs. Today is the last day to sign up for the Retail Recipes workbook + DIY kit and receive my special bonus. I look forward to “seeing” you there.

Speaking of feeling inspired, I was really moved by this quote from a blogger on Pinterest who said, “Children inspire me for their honesty, waking up each morning, open to learn something new and laughing in the other room like nobody’s watching.”

Here’s to being kids at heart. Let’s do this! :)


Grace Kang
Founder, Pink Olive School

image: All Things Girl and Beautiful

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