are you learning from your mistakes?


Happy Tuesday!

No one’s business, or life for that matter, is without its struggles or challenges.  What’s more important, however, is what you take away from these experiences.

I know you’ve heard the expression “learn from your mistakes,” but let’s take this a few steps further. Not only can you also learn from others people’s mistakes (which you only have access to when you surround yourself with like minded people in your industry), but you can also get valuable lessons from negative experiences you may not have had any control over.

Being able to take a step back, think about what happened and figure out what you can take away from the experience will be so much more valuable than stewing on it or just placing blame. Did you have an unpleasant interaction with someone recently? Think about the mindset you were in and how you could have approached it differently. Create a product you loved only to have it be a complete flop sales-wise? Ask your ideal customers what they may not have liked about it, or brainstorm with like-minded people on how it can be tweaked to make it even better.

Changing your mindset from “I can’t believe this happened to me,” to “What can I learn from this?” will make you more productive and more empowered (and happier!) than any other option :)

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Here’s to creating a business you love!


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