do you want more sales?

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Do you want to know my secret to increasing your sales?

Sales doesn’t have to be sleazy or boring. It can actually be fun if you do it from a place of sharing and being of service. Whether you are selling your product or service in a brick and mortar setting, website or marketplace, the same strategy applies. Are you ready?

S – Create a Safe Environment
A – Create an Amazing Product (Don’t go half way!)
L – Listen to the Customer
E – Engage with your Peeps
S – Share your Knowledge & Unique Gifts (It’s your God-given talent!)

The bottom line is this: without sales, there is no business. It’s really quite simple. Take the time to create a safe environment for your customers that is engaging and fun. Listen to your customers. Create a product that can make the slightest of impact in your customers lives. A smile goes a long way…

When you start getting into a groove, you begin to realize that selling is a lot of fun! By realizing that your customers are real people, not just an “audience” or walking dollar signs, you will not only increase your sales but also have fun doing so! Relate to your customers on a personal level, sharing stories and enjoying your time together, and they’ll associate these good times with your business. Be honest, be real, be everything you want your brand to be!
Happy sales!


“Working with Grace has been such a positive experience. She has helped me identify my strongest products & find ways to make them even better. I have already doubled my first quarter sales to what I did last year at this time. As a creative type, I have a million different ideas for where I could take Gingiber. Having the coaching & guidance of Grace has helped me focus my attention on building a solid foundation for my business. And in turn, I feel so much more confident about the potential growth and future of my business.”

-DESIGNER AND FOUNDER, Stacie Bloomfield

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