do you want the perfect recipe for press?

Happy Wednesday!

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Flurry at the Makers Summit back in February and I am so delighted to share her book — Recipe for Press.

When starting a new business, you need so much more than just a good idea. You need the time, funding and know-how to cover all of your bases. One of the questions that I get asked often, aside from getting products into retail stores, is how to get more press. Here is where Amy Flurry’s book, “Recipe for Press: Pitch Your Story Like the Pros & Create a Buzz” comes in. As one reader put it, “Amy Flurry’s Recipe for Press is full of ideas that, once encountered, seem like ones you *should* have thought up yourself but didn’t.”Her insights are concise and easy to understand, with no previous PR knowledge needed.

Amy tackles every necessary task, from creating your brand story, to finding your voice, to actually writing a pitch. Her knowledge is first hand and bottomless, with insights from successful artists and entrepreneurs. Her book is a wonderful example of the power of beautiful photography, practical knowledge, and having some fun with your work!

As she says in the introduction, “Owners often think that press is only for the people who can afford an expensive PR firm.”Amy Flurry is here to prove this wrong!¬†Everyone loves to DIY these days. Something about the creativity and satisfaction with successfully accomplishing a task is infectious. Why not extend this to your business practices as well?

SPECIAL BONUS:Amy has generously gifted everyone in our community with a 25% discount off her book, which is already at an affordable price. It’s a no brainer in my book :). Use code: Recipe at checkout.

Here’s to getting more press in 2013!



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