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This time of year when we are all setting BIG goals for both our personal and professional lives. Whether it’s to be more well-organized, healthier, or more creative, the focus tends to be solely on the end goal. In an effort to achieve these big goals more successfully, we need to also focus on the process and the journey of getting there.  
Once you have your one BIG goal set for the year, act as if you already achieved it and work backwards. When you have a clear vision of what your end result will look like, you are able to create actionable steps with more ease and confidence.  Brainstorm with your team and other like-minded entrepreneurs. Breaking your goal down into steps or mini goals can also help keep you on track and keep you motivated throughout the process.

While gyms are packed right after New Years, they tend to empty out by mid-February. Don’t give yourself room to give up! Stay realistic, stay positive, and enjoy the journey :).

Are you going to The Makers Summit? The ladies behind the indie craft parade will be debuting their very first conference for creative entrepreneurs, and I am excited to join them as one of their keynote speakers. Looking forward to meeting some of you there!

Here’s to BIG success in 2013!



  1. Hey Grace! I am so excited to be attending the Makers Summit! The people organising this event are just awesome, and I cannot WAIT to soak up all the info and inspiration from you and the other speakers!

    see you soon!

    Emily Jeffords

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