one degree of separation

As the saying goes, everyone is connected by six degrees of separation. Well, in today’s interconnected, always plugged in, social media-heavy environment, I’m starting to think we’re all connected by less than six degrees. I’d even venture to say its closer to one degree. We meet so many people on a daily basis, from people on the street, to store owners, to your best friend’s half brother.

The thing that separates successful people from less successful people is the ability to embrace these one degree connections. Here is what I mean. If we can foster these relationships that are created on a daily basis, relationships that could lead to new ideas, business ventures, partnerships or support systems, the opportunity becomes endless.

We are all blessed to meet new and interesting people all arond us but sometimes our fear gets in the way. Kick your fear to the curb and say hello. You may be pleasantly surprised how much you have in common with a new acquaintence or how that one meetup lead to new opportunity you would have never imagined. When you meet people with a giving heart, you attract other giving people. This is the kind of relationship where you will continue to look out for each other beyond that first day and support each other – now, that’s the kind of life that I want to live. Don’t you? If you missed my post from two weeks ago on how I met my dear friend Barb, you can check out her story here.

Every time I go out and meet people, the world becomes smaller and smaller. Take the time to get to know people, foster a real relationship, and the possibilities become endless. You never know who you will meet!

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