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For many of you, one of the most intimidating parts of owning your own business can be submitting your work to buyers and store owners.I have heard many people tell tales of nerves, fears of rejection and harsh critique. While I can completely understand your concerns, I am a firm believer that with the right research and approach, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from having a wonderful exchange with retailers (i.e. your customers).

The absolute first rule of thumb is DO YOUR RESEARCH.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve had contact me over the years without knowing a thing about the store or the products we carry. Checking out a store’s website is the very first thing you should be doing. Get a feel for the products they already carry, does yours compliment them? Does it fill a void? Whether you are pitching to a department store or a specialty store, the number one challenge that buyers have is limited space. Do your homework and show them how your product can enhance their current assortment, not duplicate it. Make it a “no brainer” decision for the buyer.

Submitting in bulk to hundreds of people may seem to increase your odds of getting picked up, but in reality submitting personalized queries to a small group of complementary stores, whose websites you’ve checked for a submission process, will in fact increase those odds. Once you get a handle of the process and have a select number of your favorite stores under your belt, start looking for sales reps to help you multiply those numbers.
As I have mentioned many times, quality over quantity. I’d rather you have a handful of stores that fit your style and your target audience, and will work with you to improve your product and exposure, rather than a large group of stores where your product may or may not fit in with the rest of their selection, and could very well get lost in the crowd. You are in business to get reorders, not one-time wonders.
So do your research, create an attractive presentation with a special offer or two (what buyer wont love a good deal??) and get submitting! I promise most won’t bite :).

Do you need some help with your pitch and linesheet presentation?
I have created a simple pitch formula and linesheet template that you can follow in my DIY kit so that you can get this done with ease. Why do the guessing work if you can get inside the head of what retail buyers are looking for. If you are aching to know more about how the “business” side works, you are in for a treat.

I am offering a special to make this a no-brainer and get your hands on the Retail Recipes workbook + DIY kit to download right away. If you make your purchase today, we are going to give you another $50 off (total savings of $100) for taking action on your business. Please checkout using this link and email hello@retailrecipes.com after purchase. You can also buy them individually as well here.

Here’s to submitting your work the right way and getting your product to more retail stores!


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  1. So true! It’s best to choose Quality over Quantity.
    Thanks for posting this Grace. This is a great deal of help!

    • You are so welcome! ALWAYS choose quality over quantity – you’re in it to have repeat/reorder business :)

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