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As entrepreneurs, we wake up each morning ready to make decisions that will alter the course of our journey. Whether it’s something big, or seemingly small, our choices affect how we live our lives and run our businesses. From big picture moments like moving, changing a technique or hiring someone new, to a small change like taking a new route to work, every movement offers the opportunity for growth and change. Being open to these chance happenings and meetings can make all the difference.

Barb Blair of Knack Studios is a wonderful example of someone taking a chance and making a decision to push forward.

On a visit to New York City five years ago, she decided to walk down my block (east 9th street) and noticed Pink Olive. Though closed at the time she made a mental note to come back when she knew our doors would be open. She had no idea at the time that this little decision would shift the course of her journey into entrepreneurship. She shared with me on numerous conversations the feeling she got when I greeted her. “I began to browse at all of the wonderful things you had displayed I became more and more comfortable and was so excited to be in a shop with so many beloved brands. Everything was displayed and curated so well.” After talking for some time we realized just how much we had in common and I wanted nothing more than to share my own story of having taken a chance on my dream of opening my own store.

One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had has been recounting this meeting with Barb. As she’s told me, “You were one of the main catapults in my creative endeavor. I am forever grateful for your kindness and honesty with a then stranger that you had no clue was struggling with some major life decisions. You just never know what people need to hear…and I am glad that I walked through your door that day.” Something struck a chord with her because from this chance meeting Barb went straight back to the landlord she had been speaking with in South Carolina, signed her lease and opened up the now wonderfully successful Knack Studios. Creating works of art in the form of custom furniture Barb now inspires me on a daily basis. Her work has been featured on reputable blogs such as Decor8, Design Sponge and will be releasing her first Knack book in Spring 2013. You can be sure to get an invite to Barb’s book launch party at Pink Olive next Spring!

You never know what effect taking a new route to your morning chai latte will have, or what inspiration lies at the end of your next quick chat with a stranger. The world is full of extraordinary people and extraordinary chances, you just have to stay open to it all.

Are you taking chances every day to make your dream happen?



  1. Susan Chancey says:

    Barb is a huge inspiration!!!…but, even better and wonderfully rare she is just a fantastic human!!

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