send out those ships!


Hey there!

It’s summer time! Whether you are sitting at a desk all day or indoors in some other capacity, we’ve all fantasized about going for a nice sail. Well, I have a lucrative way to act on this fantasy. In the book “The Wealthy Spirit” by Chellie Campbell, she talks about sending out ships and acting in the direction of your dreams.

This idea of sending out ships is something that I practice on a daily basis and envision these “ships” coming back full of treasures. Ships can take so many forms: a personalized email, a walk through your community, a short but sweet phone call, or a “thinking of you” gift all qualify. Building and maintaining relationships is the core of building a successful business.

Your ships can go out to so many different people as well. It could be anything from warmly reaching out to a potential store or press contact, to taking that yoga class and meeting new people to collaborating with someone on a new opportunity. I truly believe that everything that we need to be successful is already in our life – we just need to grab each opportunity and act on it!

One catch – once you send your ships out, you need to let go. Be patient, go about your routine and don’t worry about it. When you live a life of faith, you will eventually get what you ask for.


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