What’s your Vision? {take a sneak peek at mine}

Hey there,

As new seasons, events, partnerships and adventures approach I am constantly aware of the larger vision I have for myself and my future. Though constantly evolving and growing, there are a few consistencies I have found that have stayed with me. My vision (and mission) is for every person to fill their home with things that not only create memories but also create a place that continuously inspires giving and beautiful living. More simply put – my mission is for everyone to step into  Pink Olive and feel loved…. and to translate that feeling into their homes.

Being a highly visual person, I find inspiration for this larger mission all around me. Here are some of my inspirations for Fall 2012 and how I translated it into my vision board.

* Blues and grays… with pops of color
* Watercolor illustrations
* Textiles and patterns that bring to mind feelings of comfort
* Natural elements
* Typography, numbers and unique fonts, folds. Anything that challenge the norm
* Elements of old school & rustic elements – things that bring back old memories and simpler times
* Chalkboard and handwritten anything (we love all things snail mail!)
* Being “uniquely” you..

Take a moment to assemble your thoughts and find what drives you and your brand. Create a journal or other space to gather thoughts, clippings, photos or other things that grab your attention and inspire you. Having a clear vision will help you evolve with a more clear purpose and style!Most importantly, have FUN! :)


Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor


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