Are you Ready to Show and Tell? Plus, S.H.E. Summit Week! :)

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Are you ready for a trunk show?

A trunk show is similar to throwing a house party in that it’s a great way for people to connect and have fun! However, rather than just socializing and enjoying the food  (not that there’s anything wrong with either ;)  your work would take center stage in a trunk show.

A trunk show can be a larger gathering in a rented space, a more intimate group in someone’s home, or even just a pre-selected assortment of products you bring to one person’s home for a fun shopping experience. This model works especially well for those who create smaller items (i.e. jewelry) and products that engage conversations among like-minded people.  The event would center around creating a relaxed, fun environment in which you could utilize your knowledge and expertise to match each person to the piece they reflects their style. As the designer, you will be on hand to answer questions, model. give advice, and make connections.

An important and consistent similarity between a party and a trunk show is the focus on relating your work to each person who walks through the door (without being pushy of course!). The room should be set up to encourage people to check out your work as they catch up with each other, intermingling tasty treats and drinks with beautifully displayed work. Ensure that each piece remain accessible and within reach. Leave the glass cases at home! Encourage people to try an item on, take a piece in their hands, and really connect with it. The more a piece gets handled and tried on, the better chance of them walking out the door with it :)

Want to replicate this model and bring on other stylists to hold trunk shows on your behalf? Stay tuned for next week :)

Pink Olive is a proud partner of anew event SHESummitWeek.com (kicking off soon the week of June 18-24 in NYC)! It’s a weeklong series of 35+ grassroots, pop-up events around NYC designed to inspire & celebrate women. The events are organized by women-led brands/organizations and the activities range from networking, entrepreneurship panels, career advice, beauty parties, yoga-meditation classes, cool charity events, art education, film screenings and even relationship workshops!

Event schedule is HERE .

**There will also be ONE INCREDIBLE VIP Event on thurs 6/21 that I am attending & recommend you get tickets for: Remarkable Women’s Evening – hosted by SHE Summit Week’s founder ClaudiaChan.com. Enter code: PinkOlive20 and get 20% discount off ticket price.**

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