is it really easy as pie?

Happy Thursday!

After last week’s post I hope you’ve warmed up to the idea of hosting a trunk show. Perhaps you’ve hosted your first one and realized how lucrative they can be or you need to do a couple more to get in the groove of it! As I mentioned previously, part of what makes a trunk show such an inspired idea is the fact you’re also adding your own knowledge and advice. Customers want to be guided towards what will work best for them. Your knowledge of your own product, mixed with what you know or learn about each person in attendance, helps you strengthen the connection the customer makes to your work.Easy as pie, right? Well, as any artist or creative will tell you, it can be a lot easier to sell someone else’s work than your own. Some people struggle with selling their own pieces, or feel that someone else may be more qualified to sing their praises.Hiring a stylist or merchandiser can be a huge benefit to those who feel this way, or those who wish to expand their trunk show experience. Hiring a professional (or a few!) to host trunk shows can expand your business exponentially. After being educated by you, they will not only have in-depth knowledge of your work ethic and pieces, but also of the market and style in a much broader sense of the word. They can style not only your customers, but also your trunk shows based on their knowledge. Stylists know what’s trendy now and they know how to cater style to many unique tastes. They have the vocabulary and objectivity to sell your work in ways you never dreamed possible.

Hiring people is always an investment, and any investment comes with some risk. But proper training, trust and incentive can lead to some beautiful and inspired things. You never know what great idea they may have for expanding your business or line!

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Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor

p.s.s. We will be launching our first e-workbook filled with everything you need to know about making your products retail ready! Stay tuned…

We had so much fun meeting the  Etsy NY team at at our invitation-only event at  Pink Olive last week. It was a fun evening of meeting aspiring creative artists and designers and teaching them hot to grow their wholesale business. If you are interested in getting invitations for future events, please sign up for our mailing list and we will keep you in the loop!

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