Quick tip to have FUN with your customers & make money!


Hey there,

Summer is upon us and what better way to celebrate than to host a party!

This is the perfect time of the year to take a break from your normal routine and celebrate your accomplishments.Whether it’s an outdoor barbecue, or a more intimate wine & cheese gathering, you can invite your friends and close customers over to have fun. This will give you a chance to meet one-on-one, and even get feedback from those you trust, and mingle amongst your community.  Encourage everyone to bring friends and you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to expand your circle even more.

While I don’t think it should be the focus of the evening, an event like this is also a great way to sell your products. There’s nothing better than giving customers a chance to interact with your products in person, as opposed to just viewing pictures and descriptions online. They will be able to ask you questions, as well as answer any you may have about their preferences or ideas you’ve been working on.

Here’s to making this your carnival, having FUN and establishing good will. When you take the time to celebrate your beautiful creations and reward your fans, they will spread the word like wildfire.


Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor

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