2-for deals with 2x the rewards


Customers are almost always looking for a good deal. This is a reality in any market these days. With the ability to research products and their value and shop from sites and stores across the globe, it’s important to make sure customers know they’re getting their money’s worth with you. Aside from putting things on sale, and doing temporary promotions here and there, another effective way to move merchandise is to create 2-for deals.

Take a look at your assortment and see what commonalities you can find among your products or services. Do you have two complementary products in the same scent? Create a 2-for deal. Have three of something small in different colors? Create a 3-for deal. The discount doesn’t have to be significant: $12 each or 2 for $20, $2 each or 3 for $5. You’ll see your ticket sales increase significantly and it’ll get your products out into the market by giving customers an incentive to buy something they may not have picked up otherwise.

It’s not too late to run something special for Memorial Day weekend. What are you going to do to drive sales?


Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor

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