What’s NEW? See you at Etsy Symposium! :)

Hey there!

With the new season comes a feeling of renewal and starting fresh. Something about the influx of cute baby animals, daffodils and spring-cleaning makes me want to shake off a layer and try something N-E-W.

Beyond cleaning house (both literally and figuratively) this is a great time to try something new! Whether it’s pushing yourself to try a new technique, bust into a new market or just get a new set of eyes to take a look at your business. We all can get stuck in a rut, or find ourselves in a comfortable habit. Someone wise once told me, “Do something that makes you uncomfortable each day… everyday.” Are you?

Get out there, take a class, read a book, talk to a stranger, try a new social media site. Think of all the possibilities you can pull into reach when you experiment! Besides, what have you got to lose but learn something N-E-W?

I would love to hear your NEW ideas and NEW ways to propel your business forward. Please post here and let’s shake things up in April.


Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor

The Etsy Success Symposium
Grace will be participating in the Etsy Success Symposium Event on Friday, March 29th where she will be one of three experts (along with Tara Gentile and Kate McKean) to give mini-consult sessions to 100+ emerging designers and artists. The theme for this year is “Getting Found.” See you there! :)  www.etsy.com


  1. I have totally been looking forward to the Symposium! :)

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