are you getting out there?

Hey there,

These days, it’s so easy to just hide behind your computer all day long. But there is something so magical that can happen when you turn off your computer, go outside, and meet people in-person. It’s time to get out there! Spring is finally here, the birds are chirping and the sun in shining. It’s time for you to bloom too! :)

Technology has its many, many benefits when it comes to efficiency; however, nothing can replace a real in-person connection. I am a big believer in putting yourself out there and meeting people in-person. You’ll be delightfully surprised how we are all connected in some way and this new-found sense of connection can bring a fruitful and long-lasting relationship.

Is there a networking event coming up? 
Is there an event that you were invited to? 

Everyday we are faced with the decision to get “out there” and sometimes our own fear gets in the way. You have nothing to lose… and so much to gain.

Look forward to seeing you out there!


Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor


  1. I couldn’t agree more! When I became a mompreneur I felt I had no time to spend outside of my very targeted business tasks. Then, approximately six months ago, I joined a women in business networking group and now I belong to two! I look forward to the meetings, have met wonderfully supportive people and of course it has been great for my business.
    I think networking groups are especially important for anyone who works at home – they can feel just like a very deep breath of fresh air!

    • hey tania,
      i couldn’t agree more. it’s so easy to be in your own bubble… but one of the BEST thing about being an entrepreneur is the kind of people you meet when you get out there and network. i can’t say enough about how important that in-person connection can be to your growth (both personally and professionally). what is your favorite networking group? :)

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