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When you first started your product line, you were probably so excited that you could burst! You wanted to get it out in the world, buoyed by your dreams of vast success, and rave reviews from friends and family. You have a beautiful product and a website that is ready to sell. A few months go by and you realize that no one (or very few) people are actually buying your products. What went wrong? The more important question to consider here is:
Are you really listening to the marketplace or have you succumbed to tunnel vision?

There are two major steps you need to take when you launch your business. Before you write your 50 page business plan (it’s okay if you haven’t already done so already), create a one page executive summary that addresses the following questions:

1. What is your current problem?
(i.e. Is there a void in the marketplace for your product?)
2. What is your solution?
3. What is the opportunity?
4. Who is on your team?
5. What is your business model?

Once you have clearly defined your answers to these 5 questions, test out your products in the marketplace.

Participate in local craft fairs and flea markets relevant to your business and get in-person feedback. Is the price too high? Does the packaging need some work? Does it look too “crafty” and not professional enough? Really listen to what people are saying (both good and bad). It’s not always easy to hear but it is very important if you want to improve your product and sales. When you can truly listen, take feedback without being defensive, you have an opportunity to change and propel your business forward. 

So are you listening? Start asking your customers! If you have the opportunity to ask in person, just do it. If you have a mailing list, send out a quick survey (I love using surveymonkey.com). You would surprised how open and willing people are about giving feedback.


Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor

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