My latest addiction… ;)

i love pinterest

Hey there!

Have you ever been so darn inspired you could burst?

So my newest addiction is pinterest.com.  Have you heard about it yet?
It’s a digital pin-board site that lets you virtually “pin” photos of anything and everything onto boards you’ve created and organized. Your friends and faithful followers can then re-pin your favorite items to their own pin boards and suddenly whatever you’ve posted has spread!

As a visual person, and a creative type, this site is dangerous! :) However, we can also use it to our advantage… not only to inspire but also to promote our product-based businesses as well.

Here’s how:

This site is now on the rise and has already attracted 11 million visitors. It’s most popular with females and fashion, arts, and craft enthusiasts between ages 25-44. If that fits one of your target customer mix, you’re in for a treat!

  1. If you have gorgeous photographs that you want to share with this community, upload your pin and add it to one of your boards. It’s a very visual site so make sure your photos do the product justice!
  2. Write $___ in the description and you will see a price mark on the upper left hand corner.
  3. You can also put in a direct link where people can buy from your website. Here is an example.

One small word of caution on putting $ tags. If you have 10 pins on your dashboard and all 10 have price-tags on it, it doesn’t look good. Try to limit to 10% of your total pins if possible. After all, this is a great tool to show people what’s “inside” your head as the founder & owner of your business. If people feel connected to you, they will eventually buy from you. Have fun… but don’t blame me if you only get 2 hours of sleep ;)

Let’s follow each other and start pinning! I would love to see your inspirations.
Here is mine:

If you want to be invited, please email my team at hello@retailrecipes.com and we will send you an invite.

Happy pinning!


Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor


  1. Great post Grace! Pinterest is definitely addicting! And I agree it’s a great way to get your product out there. The only question I have is: How do you gain followers in the first place? It’s not like twitter where you can suggest people to follow and it seems useless to pin hundreds of photos and some of your items if no one is following.

    btw my pinterest is: http://www.pinterest.com/reblani

    • hi rebecca,
      what’s great about pinterest is that you can invite your “friends” on facebook and twitter to follow you on pinterest. it’s like a spiderweb. once you start pin~ing and others start re-pinning, you will start to gain new followers. :)

      hope you’re having fun with it! xoxo g

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