Simple tip to get a mini-salesperson to work for you for FREE!

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Do you like selling? It’s okay if you say,”No.” Most people don’t. Here’s the secret: the secret to selling is to not approach it as selling. Stay with me. The key to selling is to figure out what the end experience will feel like and speak to that point first. Most people make the mistake of talking about the features of their product (i.e. color, ingredients, dimensions..etc) and not the end result. Although it is relevant information, your customers need to feel the connection first before they can buy from you.  Leading with the benefits and for whom the merchandise would be a good gift will help the customer connect to you and your product.  People want to hear the end result of an experience, in this case, finding a gift their recipient will really appreciate.

Do you have your own retail space OR showcasing at a marketplace this holiday? This technique can be applied to signs around your store (or booth) as well. It will be like having a mini-salesperson working for you for FREE. Instead of just listing the name and a few dry facts about certain merchandise, list those you think would love to receive it as a gift, and the unique qualities they’d value.

For example, instead of just listing the various scents or ingredients of these amazing Saipua soaps we focus on:

* Knowing that they’re hand crafted right around the corner with special care and affection really gives these great smelling soaps a fantastic uniqueness.

* Beautiful packaging instantly turns these into a decor piece

* Smell is the sense that triggers the strongest memories, so anyone that you share a very special memory with. They’re also the perfect gift when visiting someone’s home or a small token of thanks to your mom, grandmother, or friend.


  So your sign may look something like this:

Pick your top 10 best selling KEY items for the holidays. Write down some of the benefits and who it would be good for and lead ALL your selling conversations with that first. I would love to hear your ideas here.

Here’s to Selling… the FUN way!


Grace Kang
Your Retail Product Mentor

p.s. A BIG, warm welcome to all of the new readers who joined our community! You are going to love the resources you will find here to help you make your product retail-ready… Enjoy!

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  1. Those are great ideas. I can apply them to my planned business. Thanks for sharing!

    • you’re welcome tony! i’m glad that you find it helpful :) i would love to know how you have been able to incorporate into your business!

  2. I’m thinking I need to create these buttons for my sidebar on my site and in the shop as well as on my other blog (TheOhanaMama.com).

    I’ll be on tomorrow call! Very excited. Do we get the bonus on the call?

    Quick question! I’m thinking of bringing on someone really part time to help me with wholesale outreach. Do you think I should wait until January or pull that trigger now? I don’t want our pitches to get lost in the holiday shuffle but I also don’t want to waste any more time :)

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