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do your homework!

do you know how to get a piece of the {buyer’s} piece of the pie?  each week, i will uncover bite size tips to mix into your recipe for retail success!  this week, it’s time to go back to school at retail recipes and you need to eat your veggies (the absolutely must do things) and do your homework.

do you have a great store in mind that you would LOVE to carry your product?  follow these quick tips:

1) walk the store that you want to be in and see what their assortment is like before contacting the buyer.  review their selection so that you know how your collection fits in with their current matrix.  the last thing a buyer needs is another collection that looks like what they already have.  see how your collection can “enhance” their current mix and share your unique differentiating points when speaking to the buyer.

2) tell a story – everyone (including buyers) wants to hear a story. what makes your line so special? who’s the person behind the brand? what made you start your line? ultimately, what is so great about it?  if you have a compelling story that people can relate to, buyers will be more likely to listen to you.  at the end of the day, the buyer has to “sell” your story to their boss and store staff so if you have a great story to tell, they will be more willing to pick up the line to share that great story with everyone…. and ultimately to the customer.

3) be competitive and know your market – do you know your industry? do you know your market? do you know what you are up against? are your prices competitive?  if your prices are different, be prepared to talk about why it is lower or higher than other designers.  what void are you trying to fill in the market? once people see a trend emerging, the market can get over-saturated very quickly.  don’t be just a fad.  you want to become more than a one-shot wonder!

until next week, don’t forget to eat your veggies!



Want a Recipe for Retail Success? Launches TODAY!

I am so excited to share the launch of my new project called Retail Recipes. I started Retail Recipes as a way to give aspiring designers and entrepreneurs key insights into how retail works.   Over the years, I have met so many talented designers with great product ideas but overwhelmed with the idea as to where to start.  Retail Recipes will serve as the go-to source to get into the mindset of what retail buyers are looking for and make their product “retail-ready” before hitting the marketplace.   What makes me a retail expert?  I have great passion when it comes to retail and have spent over 10 years working as a successful buyer for Barney’s New York, Bloomingdale’s and operate two retail stores for Pink Olive in NYC.  Having lived by my motto ~ keep it simple ~ I have been able to leverage my experience in the retail industry to help designers and store owners with simple ingredients for success and have FUN in the process.  I look forward to going on this personal journey with you and make your dream of selling to retail stores or opening your own store a reality!

Excited to get started? I would love to hear from you!